Jack Harper, a counterpart to Tru's character, is introduced mid-first season as a foil and possible love interest. He is there to make sure fate got its way, and introduces a philosophical aspect to Tru's endeavors: should she be saving the lives of people who may have been intended to die? In the second season, Tru and Jack compete to get to a person first — she to save them, and he to restore the order of fate, and maintain what he believes to be the balance of the universe. He appeared in the last 7 episodes of the first season, and all of the second season. He works for Tru's father, Richard Davies. And he is played by Jason Preistly.

Jack Harper

Jack Harper

Jack Harper
First appearance Daddy's Girl
Last appearance ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas...Again
Portrayed by Jason Priestly
Episode Count 13

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